What You'll Find at Mystical Minds

Each morning will open with an opportunity to set our individual and group intentions for the day's events. All day long and into the evening, we'll enjoy a varied mix of individual presentations and panels, exploring a wide range of topics including tarot, astrology, numerology, paranormal investigation, ghosts, mediumship, magick, crystals, witchcraft, Pagan spirituality, healing, meditation, UFOs, and more. To close each evening, we'll connect through some social time, roundtable discussions, group activities, and games that will give everyone at the conference the opportunity to teach as well as to learn. With open minds and open hearts, we'll brainstorm ways to utilize our special abilities and knowledge to overcome the challenges we face personally and collectively as humans here on earth. We'll also do a little research, trying out some group experiments with telepathy, remote viewing, and other psychic skills. There may even be a few contests and surprise performances! 

Presentations and Panels at a Glance

Presenters and Panelists are subject to change as our event is being rescheduled and postponed till further notice.

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Growing Right Relationship with Self with Tommie StarChild

The art and craft of magic and witchery have become one of the fastest growing religious/spiritual practices over the last decade. Many books have been written on the subject of how to, and classes can be found all over the world. One thing that is often not found is the foundational practice vital to working the craft. “Growing Right Relationship with Self” will dip into this practice of fostering a relationship with self; who is self, and the difference between the ego-self and the authentic-self. We will take a look at the Spiritual, Mystical, and Magical steps of becoming a co-creator of one’s reality, and how growing right relationship with self is the Spiritual step that is the foundation on which a sound magical practice is built.


Psychic Spirit Communications with Drake Furie

Hey you! Ever wonder how psychic communication is done? Whether or not you have experienced the presence of a spirit, you probably have met someone who has or even can do that on purpose with full intent on psychic interaction.  I would be willing to bet you’ve seen the cards (tarot), crystal ball, runes, magic mirrors, and oujia boards at times possibly in pop culture even. If any of this sounds familiar, Drake Furie invites you to a brief introduction to psychic/spirit communication and some of the common items used. For those with questions, there will be time allowed at the end. All ages welcome. Please take care when handling items and please ask first.

Qi Wan: a Chinese Reconstructionist Rite with Megan D'Amore and Charles Ho

Megan D’Amore and Charles Ho will be presenting a ritual dedicated to Suu Mohung(Sun Wukong, the Monkey King) and Gun Yam (Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of healing) in a Chinese reconstructionist style: “We will call upon the deities to use their powers for both the good of humanity and the planet, and to bring the two back into balance. The ritual will include poetry, song, and a wicked martial arts demonstration! Anyone from any culture or tradition is invited to attend, and members of the public will be able to take important roles in the ritual. We ask that children under 12 only attend with prior permission from the presenters as we want everyone at the ritual to be absolutely safe.”

Myth and Mystery--an Examination of Hoodoo, Voodoo and Hollywood with Fredericka Turner

Join Fredericka Turner on an exploration of the myths surrounding Voodoo in Hollywood and the truth of the practice.  

Synchronicity: The Magic and Beauty of Meaningful Coincidence with Rev. Victor Fuhrman

Join Rev. Victor Fuhrman for an exploration of the idea of Synchronicity and how it can add meaning to your life.

Divination On-The-Go with Autumn Damiana

We all need guidance in our lives and many of us find it through divination. This is easy to do at home with your trusty crystal ball or Tarot deck, but what happens when you are out and about? What do you do when you can't wait until you get home because you need answers NOW? This workshop will explore the different ways that you can divine information on just about anything quickly and discreetly, using little to no tools or ones that you create on the spot. There will be demonstrations, handouts, a prize raffle, and more.

Big Money Magic with Clifford Hartleigh Low

“I doubt that money is the root of all evil, but the lack of it certainly feels like hell.” As long as people have wished for more than they have, practical wealth magic has offered solutions. This class will be a broad survey of effective magical techniques to draw and keep money. Whether you’ve wanted to find buried treasure, win the lottery, get a raise, inherit a fortune, invest like a pro, sustain your lifestyle, or even beat the house in Vegas, learn powerful spells you won’t find anywhere else. Big money magic is real.

Pawn Takes King: Political Magic with Clifford Hartleigh Low

Magic and politics have been intertwined throughout history. The metaphysics of magic are often expressed in political language or imagery, especially that of monarchy and feudalism. The Sforzas and Borgias launched a Renaissance arms race of astrological talismans. In America, slaves sought to magically destroy or gain power over their oppressors. Spiritualism had an essential role in the suffragist movement. Magic has played a role in modern political movements on both the Right and the Left. Discover how practitioners of magic are attempting to control elections and manipulate leaders in democratic governments today. Explore the rise of political radicalism in magic, and learn practical spellwork you can do to support the issues and people that matter most to you.

The Haunted Bay with Alameda Paranormal Researchers


Discover the best haunted locations around Northern California that haven’t been on TV ghost hunting shows (yet). Learn about haunted locations APR has visited and see real raw honest evidence of the paranormal. Find out what happens when ghosts stop being polite and start getting real!


Building the Cone of Power with Jason Mankey

Most Witchcraft books reference “building the cone of power” but what exactly is the cone of power and how do a group of Witches effectively build one together? Explore the ins and outs of raising energy, along with how to cast a powerful circle in order to create truly memorable and powerful ritual experiences. This workshop combines the history, theory, and the hands on building of a cone of power in one concise package. Come ready to raise some energy and learn some new tricks!


Art of Actualization with Beth Seilonen

Ever have that reading that has an amazing outcome, future potential?  Join tarot illustrator and art educator, Beth Seilonen, as she walks us through a session using the tarot to create a three step plan to give your future desires structure for success. 


Crystal Energy: The Magic and Mystery of Gemstones with Nicholas Pearson

Do you love crystals but wonder how to deepen your relationship with them? Are you looking for new and creative ways to harness their energy? Crystals and gemstones have beguiled humankind since the dawn of time, and the mineral kingdom is intricately woven into every aspect of our lives. Join author and crystal expert Nicholas Pearson for an exciting journey through the history of crystals.


Attraction and Abundance with Hexeba Theaux

Love and Money are two things you can never have too much of. Come learn how to put together works that will aid you in seeking all you could want. This class will focus on Conjure/Hoodoo for attracting love and money. Some workings combine the two while others focus on them separately. 

Spellcasting 101: Working Effective Magic with Michael Furie

Curious about the art and practice of casting spells? Worried that your spell-work may be missing an important step or two? Interested in learning different techniques and fixes to the most common spell mistakes? Join Michael Furie, author of Spellcasting for Beginners and Spellcasting: Beyond the Basics (and more) as he covers the essential steps in spell-casting (including the MOST crucial factor in successful magical manifestation) and offers a “spell check” service to review and refine ready-made spells for maximum effectiveness. At the end of the presentation there will be a question and answer session in which participants can gain solutions for their specific spell-related issues.


“Ghost Hunting” Basic Equipment with Tiffany Turner

Want to get started in ghost hunting? Come to a presentation on the basic equipment utilized in the investigation of haunted places. See demonstrations of the actual equipment and hear about real life experiences using these items from a local ghost investigator.

How Spirituality Transcends Geographical & Cultural Borders with Nazar Muhammed Chohan 

Explore the ways in which spirituality transcends geographical and cultural borders across the globe. Nazar will speak about spirituality as a domain that transcends religion, the soul as the core or light of all life, how spirituality links us with divinity, and the cosmic dance of Oneness. There will be time reserved for questions and answers. 

Dream Magick with Robin Corak

 Traversing the world of our dreams can bring levels of profound insight, healing, invaluable information and adventure if we can learn to work within these nightscapes with intent. This workshop will provide the adventurer with an overview of how to work effectively with our dreams.   
 This workshop will cover topics including: 

*How dreams have been viewed by scientists and ancient and indigenous cultures 

*Pre-dream work rituals 

*Methods such as making a dream doll, dream incense, dream altars, and creating a dream temple *Creating an effective dream journal 

*Deities that can be helpful allies in dream work 

*Techniques for remembering dreams and charging dreams with intent  
All workshop attendees will receive a copy of a guided meditation for dream retention and a list of dream work aligned herbs and oils.   

Oh My Stars with Katrina Rasbold

Oh My Stars is a fun and interesting workshop covering the primary aspects of astrology as it pertains to the natal chart and life in general. Find out how your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign all work together to create the foundation on which you build your personality. Houses, planets, and signs, Oh My! There is so much about astrology that is easy to learn and can give you great insight into your motivations and natural instincts. This class provides a fundamental understanding of astrology basics.


Got Your Number with Shannon Del-Fiorentino McLeran 

Got Your Number is a workshop about the fascinating subject of numbers and how they affect your day to day life based on personal information such as your date of birth. Are you in a four year? Is your life path number a seven? See how this information can help you to tailor where your energy goes in a year and how to maximize the numerical flow of energy through your life. A basic knowledge of numerology helps you to make the most of the important patterns in your life and add greater understanding to why your life and experiences flow as they do. 


WitchyReiki: TimeBridge Meditation: Many-World Visitation with Susan Langley

Join Susan Langley, WitchyReiki Master Teacher, as we trek over the Time Bridge to the Astral Plane. Meet your guides and gods, let go of the losers in your life, and help create the future you want to live by healing the Past. In the Many Worlds interpretation of the Universe, a version of you exists on many other timelines. How does this happen? When you choose to observe critical moments in your life, a new world is created each time, causing a split. So, you exist both on this timeline, and the new timeline. Susan explains, “It is my belief that we can use that moment to change course, not on this timeline, but to have the life we want, and need, on that new timeline. And, understand that you are in contact, through your Higher Self and the Akashic Records, with that new version of You. And you can visit. The magick works both ways. The door is open. The TimeBridge awaits. What critical moment do you want to observe, and change for the better?”

Key Magic with Marcus Keys

For over a century, Keys have been associated with hidden knowledge and magic. From Ancient Greece to the late Victorian Era, come learn how to work with old and modern keys in your magical practice. From spirits and deities, daily work, and ritual practice, Keys can be applied in many fashions to create change. 


Ghost Investigation Tips and Techniques with Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa

Join Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa on an exploration of tips and techniques for investigating ghosts and hauntings, and hear about some of Charlotte’s experiences investigating haunted locations throughout California.


Healing with the Shadows: A Brief Journey into the Abyss with Amber Zeta

In this workshop, Amber Zeta will offer her insights on the realm of the shadows, from entities and ghosts to the demons within. So many people are freaked out by their personal shadow forms and tend to suppress them, ignore them, and actively fight them. What then happens is these shadows are projected out and attract maybe not so fun things, like spirits, people, and things that echo your shadow. It does not have to be that way! Our shadows are a collection of all the things we do not want to see about ourselves, bad AND good. This workshop is a chance to learn something new about your hidden aspects and introduce yourselves, maybe even find new allies and friends within yourself and your shadow. Through wisdom sharing, storytelling, meditation, and a tiny taste of ritual, allow Ms. Zeta to illuminate the shade and let you shine a little brighter.

Cleansing Rituals with Rob Abbott

What do you do when you feel that you’ve been “crossed,” or that you’re stuck in a streak of bad luck? Rob will discuss methods of cleansing our personal energy, including a traditional and powerful egg cleansing ritual. 

Throwing the Bones: The Arte of Cleromantic Divination with Soror Mimm

Bone reading - a form of sortilege using bones, shells, stones, and other curios – is an ancient divinatory practice with its roots in numerous cultures around the world. There are many different approaches, techniques, and materials used in bone divination with each culture lending its own flavor to the practice. It is not a divination method that belongs to any one particular culture or religion and as a result, the methodology used by individual readers may be as varied as the individual pieces themselves.Unlike reading tarot cards or runes, bone reading may appear a bit chaotic and unstructured at first. The process may all seem a bit daunting and overwhelming for the novice bone reader. In this presentation, Soror Mimm will deepen your understanding of this ancient practice. She will teach you the basics of this animistic divinatory arte, how to create your own bone reading kit, how to feed and care for your bones, and how to read common patterns and spreads for yourself and others!

Ufology 101 with Don Bierey

Don Bierey’s presentation will be a primer on the many aspects of ufology – Ufology 101: Where do UFOs come from? Why are they here? What do ETs look like? What does the government know? Cryptozoology, Crop circles, ET and military abductions, underground and undersea bases and tunnels, Secret Space Program, Universal consciousness research and evidence, ancient aliens… And more!

Sigils for Everyday Use with Jennifer Medway

Sigils are often symbols that represent a desired outcome and spirits a practitioner petitions for a specific purpose. These symbols affect both our inner and outer world. This class explores a modern and innovative approach to creating sigils and includes an overview of the culture, art, and history of sigils and their many uses in spellwork or rituals. Participants will receive a handout showing examples of sigils from the Keys of Solomon, The Black Pullet, and those used in African diaspora religions. Participants will learn which existing sigils can be used for different purposes such as love, money, or health and how they can create their own. The class will culminate with students drawing their own created sigils.

The Worldview of the Ancient Druids with Michael R. Gorman

Learn about ancient Druids and what their worldview and cultural perspective has to say about living in the modern world. The Celts and their tribal consciousness had a handle on how to live sustainably with the rest of the natural world, a message we desperately need today. The talk will explore cultural, philosophic, practical, naturalist, and spiritual dimensions, since the Druids tended to weave these things together rather than compartmentalize them. Spirit informed everything for them, even in the most mundane and practical parts of their daily lives.

Panel Discussion on Dreams

 Join Robin Corak, Amber Zeta, James Black, Leah McGraw, and WitchCat for a discussion on the topics of dream interpretation, dream work, dream magick, lucid dreaming, dream theory, and more.  

Panel Discussion on Divination

Join Nicholas Pearson, Marcus Keys, Beth Seilonen, Amber Zeta, Rob Abbott, and Autumn Damiana for a discussion on the art of divination.

Panel Discussion on Spirit Communication

Join Michael Furie, Victor Fuhrman, Susan Langley, Tiffany Turner, and Shannon Del-Fiorentino McLeran for a discussion of spirit communication methods and motivations. Moderated by Drake Furie.

Panel Discussion on Magick

Join Tommie StarChild, Fredericka Turner, Clifford Hartleigh Low, Katrina Rasbold, Jason Mankey, Soror Mimm, and Michael Furie for a discussion on magickal practice, belief, and theory.