Programming Policies

 How are presenters and panelists selected?

Presenters and panelists are selected based on knowledge and expertise, ability to appeal to a wide audience, and ability to abide by our policies. We proactively seek to assemble a diverse group of presenters and panelists in order to enrich our convention with a wide range of perspectives and knowledge. While many of our presenters are widely known and impressively credentialed, you don’t have to be famous to be considered! Anyone with specialized or expert knowledge to share and a genuine desire to do so will be considered. We aren’t able to include everything we would like to include due to space and time restrictions, but we appreciate all proposals. If you have an idea for a presentation or panel, please email

Is there a standard of conduct for presenters and panelists?

Yes. All presenters and panelists must abide by our policies and code of conduct just like everyone else participating in the convention is expected and required to do. 

We hold our presenters and panelists to a very high standard of integrity, and presentation content as well as personal behavior while at the convention is expected to be aligned with our commitment to create a safe and welcoming space for all. If a presenter or panelist commits a violation of our anti-harassment or anti-discrimination policies at any time during the convention, their presentation may be cancelled. If such a violation takes place in the course of a presentation or panel discussion, the presentation may be stopped abruptly, or the panelist may be asked to end their participation in the panel. 

Do you pre-screen potential presenters and panelists?

Yes. If we don’t have firsthand knowledge and experience with the person, we may ask to interview them so we can learn more about their knowledge and experience, or we may research their body of work, their online presence, and their general reputation in their field of expertise. We might also ask for personal or professional references if we feel we need more information about a prospective presenter. Only those that we trust to maintain our policies of tolerance and safety will be considered.

How can I offer feedback on programming selections?

We welcome and appreciate your feedback. You can email us at We will also have feedback forms available at the convention. We strive for continual growth and improvement, and your feedback provides valuable guidance and direction in achieving this goal.

If I have a complaint about a panelist or presenter, how do I tell you about it, and what will you do about it?

If you have a complaint about a panelist or presenter while at the convention, please report your complaint to any convention staff member as soon as possible. Presenters and panelists are subject to the same policies and consequences of violation that apply to everyone at the convention. If your complaint should arise prior to the convention, please email We will give any complaints serious consideration and determine the best response to each unique situation. Possible remedies may include changes to our schedule or a refund to the attendee, depending on our evaluation of the complaint and what we feel is the best resolution.