Mystical Minds Convention Policies

Kindness, Tolerance, and Compassion Rule!

Purpose of Policies

Mystical Minds convention is committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for all participants. Everyone at the convention has the right to an experience that is free from harassment, harm, and discrimination. We expect everyone at the convention to uphold a standard of behavior that does not infringe on the rights or well-being of anyone else at the convention, and we have put these policies in place to serve as a code of conduct and directive to help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone participating. 

Scope and Enforcement

All Mystical Minds convention attendees, presenters, panelists, and staff are expected and required to abide by our policies for the duration of the convention without exception. Everyone participating in the convention will be asked upon arrival to sign an agreement to abide by these policies. Violation of any of these policies will result in consequences that may include a notice of violation and compliance directive, temporary expulsion, or permanent expulsion from the event. These policies will be enforced throughout the event by convention organizer, security, and staff. The Mystical Minds convention organizer reserves the right to make ultimate determinations regarding policy interpretation and enforcement.

Rules and Standards

Mystical Minds convention does not condone nor tolerate discrimination or harrassment of any kind. We all have different identities, different beliefs, different abilities, different expressions, different bodies, and different lifestyles. Let us leave our prejudices and preconceived notions at the door, and strive to treat everyone we encounter with tolerance and dignity. 

Everyone participating in the convention in any capacity is expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • I will take care of the space around me and the people and things that ocupy it. 
  • Be yourself, and let others be.
  • Do no harm to anyone or anything. 
  • Treat others with dignity and consideration even if you don't understand them or you disagee with their opinions.
  • Any unsanctioned behavior or language that makes others feel harmed, harassed, threatened, demeaned, embarrassed, belittled, or insulted will be considered a violation of our policies.  
  • Derrogatory or discriminatory language or actions relating to the sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, race, color, nationality, ancestry, citizenship status, military status, marital status, religion, sex, age, political or organizational affiliation, or appearance of individuals or groups is strictly prohibited.
  • Individuals should be addressed and referred to by the names and pronouns indicated on convention badges or communicated in the course of conversation. Careless, intentional, or repeated misgendering of individuals constitutes harassment and is a violation of our policies.
  • It is not appropriate to challenge, criticize, or ask overly personal, probing questions one’s gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, or disability.
  • Intentionally disruptive behavior, including prolonged or repeated interruptions to presentations or panel discussions, constitutes a violation of policies. Anyone behaving in a disruptive manner may be offered assistance, or asked to leave.
  • Disagreements in opinion and differences in belief should be handled with maturity. We have come together here to learn, teach, connect, and grow. We are not here to convert nor to criticize. Let us share ideas freely with one another, with the knowledge in mind that while agreement is not required, maintaining dignity and basic human decency is absolutely expected.
  • Personal boundaries must be respected. It is not appropriate to hug or otherwise touch another person, including touching hair, clothes, mobility devices, or any other personal property, without first asking for permission and getting consent. Service animals should not be touched unless you have specific permission to do so. Always ask before you touch.
  • Vulgar or sexual language, conduct, and images are not appropriate at the convention.
  • Unwanted sexual advances and unwanted sexual attention are considered harassment and a violation of our policies. 
  • If you are asked by anyone to stop a behavior or told that your behavior is causing discomfort, immediately stop the behavior.
  • If a person’s behavior causes you discomfort, you can ask the person to stop the behavior or ask convention staff for help. We value your security and comfort, and we are here to assist.
  • No violence, fighting, or overt hostility, whether physical or verbal, will be tolerated at this event. 
  • Children must be supervised by their caregivers at all times. We will not have any kid-specific programming this year, and some programming content may not be appropriate for children. It is the responsibility of each caregiver to determine what is appropriate for their child. If a child is causing a prolonged disruption of a presentation or event, please take the child out of the area.
  • No smoking of any substances, no vaping, and no open flames or burning of incense or anything else is allowed anywhere inside the property. A violation of this rule can result in consequences including a fine and/or expulsion from the event. If you smoke or vape, please do so outside and at least 25 feet away from any entryways, vents, or open windows, and please remain aware and courteous of any passersby. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly, making sure they are fully extinguished before placing them in an ashtray or trash can.
  • No weapons, drugs, or alcohol are allowed in the event space.
  • Mystical Minds convention is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items. We will, however, have a lost and found. If you find something, turn it in to convention staff, and if you lose something, ask us to keep an eye out for it.
  • The availability of gender neutral bathrooms at this event cannot be guaranteed at this time. If such bathrooms are not available, please use the bathroom you feel most comfortable using in regards to your gender identity. If you do not feel comfortable in a shared bathroom space, please ask convention staff for assistance in determining when the bathroom is unoccupied. If gender neutral bathrooms are available, please refrain from using the urinals in these bathrooms to help maintain everyone’s level of comfort and privacy.